Give Your Child A Lifetime of Smiles

The American Association of Orthodontists and Dr. Desai recommend that children get their first orthodontic evaluation at age seven. Not everyone needs treatment at that age, and that’s where our 7 & Up Club comes in!

Identifying Harmful Oral Habits

Making Orthodontics FUN!

At Elm Tree Orthodontics, we believe in conservative, properly timed treatment for your child.

Our 7 & Up Club encourages proper oral habits while Dr. Desai and the team monitor your child’s smile for common conditions, including:

  • Permanent teeth going "off track" or "getting stuck" (impacted teeth).
  • "Bite" issues that could cause damage to teeth, gums, or proper growth of face and jaws (crossbites, small jaws, asymmetry, overbite).
  • Poor oral habits that could affect growth and chewing function (thumb sucking, snoring, tongue posture).
  • Aesthetic concerns that affect self-esteem (overbite, crowding).
  • Other tooth positions that may result in an increased risk of harm to teeth, gums or face.

Your child can enroll in the 7 & Up Club after their free consultation and we’ll monitor their smile to guarantee the right treatment at the best time.

Talk to an Elm Tree Orthodontics team member to get started at your free consultation!